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Peruvian Journal of Neurosurgery

Cerebellar Mutism: Brief revision

Jose Luis Acha S. MD, Luis Contreras M. MD, Luis Huaman T. MD, Marco Chipana S. MD
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Cerebellar mutism is a non infrequent alteration of the language in patients who underwent to a surgery of different injuries, generally tumors, affecting vermis or cerebellar hemispheres. The anatomical base of this syndrome is not well understood yet, nevertheless the injury of the dominant superior cerebellar hemisphere or the deep medial cerebellar nuclei would play an important role in the physiopathology. In this paper we make a brief revision of this problem at the time we report a case of a 18 years-old patient who had a mass in the cerebellar vermis that was operated trough a suboccipital craniotomy and telovelar approach. At the second day of postoperative period the patient developed mutism. After 16 days, the patient began to speak and improved his communication slowly.

     Key Words: Cerebellar Mutism, posterior fossa tumors, posterior fossa surgery