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Peruvian Journal of Neurosurgery

Chronicle of the Department of Neurosurgery of Police Hospital

Humberto Hinojosa MD.
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Neurosurgery is successively founder Mauricio Dávila in 1944 at the Police Hospital, Esteban Roca in 1947 in the Obrero Hospital, Fernando Cabieses at the Institute of Neoplastic Diseases and Juan Franco the the Institute of Neurological Sciences . After these services have made many more, led by prominent and prestigious Neurosurgeons meeting in what today is the Peruvian Society of Neurosurgery. The academic activity of the neurosurgeons was performed at baseline in 1938 in the Peruvian Society of Neuro-Psychiatry and Legal Medicine which was only shortly after Peruvian Society for Neuro-Psychiatry and when the number of neurosurgeons was higher is nominated Peruvian Society of Psychiatry, Neurology and Neurosurgery.
In 1961 he inaugurated a Police Hospital Central Pavilion and 4 plants with capacity of 500 beds and is given the name of the Central Police Hospital "General Luis N. Saenz. "Humberto Hinojosa travels to the U.S. for graduate studies with Irving Cooper Esterotaxia surgery, to return the Police Hospital becomes the first team in the country Esterotaxia surgery and allows many operations of this type.


     Key words: Neurosurgery, historical notes, hospital, medical society.